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Hand Coloured Photographs

These photographs are all coloured in the Victorian style and are particularly suitable for use on Jigsaws, Tea Towels and Cushion Covers, but are also available in all our products.

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Little survives of the old town, although parts of the former Greyfriars church of St John, where Robert the Bruce held a Parliament in 1315, are thought to date back to its origins. The 130ft-high neo-Gothic Wallace Tower, in the High Street, was completed in 1832. It replaced an earlier structure in which Sir William Wallace was alleged to have been imprisoned.

Memories of Ayr, Wallace Tower and High Street 1900

I remember going with my granny to what they led the home leagh on a Wednesday in the new road .during the meeting they came round with peas in vinegar . must have farted all the way home .

I attended Ayr Academy when it was a primary school but left at the end of P.4 when that department closed. But I returned in 1963 after passing the eleven plus, much to my primary school teacher's surprise. So many memories of school. Wandering around between classes in the first year following the pretty senior girls. We all had a thing for Rosie. Playing rugby for the first two years there for the midgets. A team made up of ...see more

Added 09 February 2019
hi can anyone help me im looking for the craig family. my gran's maiden name was craig jean--joan craig. she had a sister called lizzy-georgina and a brother called patrick-albert. lizzy's daughter jeannett lived in annbank in the sixtys i think she had 2 children her husband's name was davy. my gran married alaxander ramage from glasgow. hope someone can help me please thank you. :)

i remember my pal at school always wanted a mouse but never had any money . one day he came to me and said the man had gave him one for nothing and would i keep it in my hut . well the first time i went to feed it it came out the box , ran up my arm, jumped on to the ground and was never seen again . it was a wild one that the guy had caught in the shop |

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