Old Maps of Balsham

Historic Maps of Balsham and the local area.

Memories of Balsham

Read and share your memories of Balsham itself or of a particular photo of Balsham.

This lovely cottage looks like the one which was located near where I used to live and go to school back in the 1960s. If I am right then the curved space in the bottom right of this picture was the boundary of a school playground. The village primary school was directly across the road on Church Lane (...Read full memory)

My paternal grandparents, by the name of Goodliffe, lived in a house called The Robins, on Old House Road, Balsham. (Both of which are still there, although the house has been extended somewhat and modernised. Mind you, it certainly needed modernising. Even as late as the early 1960s, when my widowed grandmother (...Read full memory)