Old Maps of Barkingside

Historic Maps of Barkingside and the local area.

I was born in Horns Rd in 1940 at start of the war and still have memories of that time when 5 and 6 down the shelter when siren went they were after Plessey works and the airdrome have some pics from this time. it was a great place to grow up bar when a V1 fell on Dr Banardos and blew all our front windows out.but being very (...Read full memory)

Hi! I was wondering if anyone could help me....I have my dad's old bible and he'd written his address inside the front cover: 4 bournebridge gardens Barkingside Ilford Essex Have tried finding it but, to no avail. I know he lived there in 1954, can anyone let me know whereabouts it was and what happened to it?! Thanks in advance