Bedford, Suspension Bridge 1898

Memories of Bedford

I worked there for a few years with Stan Hunt at the Picturedrome, and the Plaza which was nearly opposite across the river was owned by a man called Mr Cheetam. I also worked at the Plaza as a relief projectionist and also another cinema in Ampthill owned by Mr Cheetam. They were great days and (...Read full memory)

I suppose, years ago, there was a Bedford market without old Ben. Can’t have been much of a market though. Anyway, as long as I, or everybody else I've asked can remember, old Ben has been down the market on Saturdays. Maybe he worked on the stalls as a young chap, but for the last twenty or thirty years he's been down (...Read full memory)

I was the main weekday driver of the launch photographed during the student holiday periods of 1955-1958.  When I drove it, the name was 'Silver Stream'.  It was the largest of a set of three electric launches which carried paying passengers for trips of about 40 minutes duration from the steps on the downstream, north (...Read full memory)

My mother worked for Bedford Plating in Bedford in 1955. If anyone remembers this business and what street or even the address of it, would be greatly appreciated. The purpose for this, is my God-parents lived very near Bedford Plating and owned a small retail store on the corner of one of the streets. Any help would be appreciated. Thankyou in advance.

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