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Urban Life

Lively street scenes of favourite UK towns & cities.

Memories of Birmingham

What pictures and memories will we have in the future of our beloved Birmingham as we look back to this time ? Empty streets, shops closed, pubs etc empty. Very little traffic, no children playing, no schools etc. etc. What a sad time for the human family, so many fearful of loosing loved ones, (...Read full memory)

In the Francis Frith book "Did You Know? Miscellany of Birmingham", reference is made to Charles Dickens on page 12. If I may offer a small correction - Charles Dickens was not a visiting lecturer. He raised money for the establishment of the Institute by holding his first public reading ( A Christmas (...Read full memory)

My parents had a shop in Balsall Heath Road not far from Cannon Hill Park - there was a murder committed there around that time. I used to catch the tram to town and in Lewis's basement you could get crabs' legs loaded with meat! Also caught the tram to the Lickey Hills along the Bristol Road (South?). Always a (...Read full memory)

Eileen Handley My father was born in 1937 in Birmingham, UK. He had an older brother Gordon (known as Tom) and a baby sister Eileen. When my dad was 4 years old, his mother (Amy) died from Bronchial Pneumonia. His father (Earnest), unable to cope with a young family at wartime placed my father and his brother into (...Read full memory)

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