Old Maps of Biscovey

Historic Maps of Biscovey and the local area.

Memories of Biscovey

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I attended Biscovey School in the 1950s. Larry Martin, Marlene Sutton were in my class. Miss Ellis, Mr Keating and I used to remember our headmasters name...I can see him as plain as day. ...Harold was his first name I think. My name was Eve Cooke. Does anyone out there remember......?

I moved to 12 Edgecombe Terrace in 1965, no 12. We were renting and had just got married. I remember the toilet out the back, my husband had to go out with me with a lantern when it was dark. We lived next door to a Mrs Cowley who kept chickens out back. My mother in law Mrs Jannie Gribbin lived  near by. There was a (...Read full memory)