Old Maps of Borehamwood

Historic Maps of Borehamwood and the local area.

I lived in Caishowe Road in 1948.My Grandparentslived in Edulf road and I used to visit them every school day on my way home. The 'village' as it was known then had a Cafe called Hanson s..Does anyone remember?They had the best icecream. It was a family run business. My father used to work at Keystones near the shop. We lived in Borehamwood for 19 years.

Hi i lived at 96 Torworth road I remember leeming road very well in the 1960s as after leaving Campions sec modern school 1963 ,i started my first job at Eros watch company as a training watch maker ,run buy Ivor Rosenberge i stayed there for about 2 years ,then moved on ,and got a job as an Apprentice (...Read full memory)