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Memories of Braintree

I lived in 77 Challis Lane in the late forties to 1955. At age nine our family moved to Australia. My Father Frank Kirrage, worked on the Buses, then managed the Cafeteria, My Mother, Charlotte worked at the Hospital.My name is Tony Kirrage and would be great to hear from anyone who remembers us.

I just wanted to add my pennysworth. My sister Mary Mooring worked at Critalls back in the '40s and 50s. She first worked in the Braintree division, but then I think was transferred to Witham. On my return from New Zealand in '55 I invited her to come back to Wellington with me, which she did. Unfortunately she died a few years (...Read full memory)

I can still sing this old school song and remember the school motto "Nothing but the Best" inLatin of course. I still have those rolled up group photos but also my badge from my blazer, Thanks for the memory.

We moved to Braintree with our Dad, George Harkins, in 1966. He was an American, stationed at Wethersfield air force base, married to a young British girl, Eileen. We lived at 82 South Street for about 5 or 6 years, and me and my brother John attended Manor Street Primary school. After our time there we (...Read full memory)

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