Old Maps of Burnley

Historic Maps of Burnley and the local area.

I was brought up on Cleaver St. Remember what a lovely shopping area Duke Bar was. .Mrs Tattersalls. Spencers Bakery .Dewhurst Butchers. Wilkinsons Dainty shop. Redmonds Grocers Mrs Bells and Rennie cloggers on Hebrew Road..Every Thing you needed on your doorstep.Brilliant.

I've just read about a man who worked at Platers and Stampers for a year and hated it. I worked at Hapton Valley Pit for 2 years and in that time helped to carry out 3 dead bodies on separate occasions. I decided that it was not for me and decided also to join the RAF in late 1955. After 38 years of the RAF I retired (...Read full memory)