Cannock, Town Centre c.1965

Memories of Cannock, Town Centre c1965

In the 1970s as a child, I used to travel from nearby Brownhills where I was from to cannock to go to the swimming pool. My friends mother had a market stall at Cannock Market and my friend and I would swim and then come back to her later. We would go for milk shake at a lovely corner cafe where all the market traders used (...Read full memory)

I started school at The Croft in High Green next to WG Smiths. This was near to the Danilo - Queen of Cinemas of the time and fascinating to visit. Later from Walhouse School we spent lunchtimes playing cowboys and Lone Ranger chases on Shoal Hill listening out for the one oclock siren at the Colliery to tell us (...Read full memory)

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