Old Maps of Catsfield

Historic Maps of Catsfield and the local area.

1955 - I was sent to the hotel with my mother to recuperate after a month in Nottingham isolation hospital with measles. We spent 6 blissful weeks here. My memories are of a very high ceiling in the dining room and the smell of the food cooking for lunch and dinner. My mother and I were on our own all week and father came (...Read full memory)

My maternal grandmother was a Mary Bridgeland, born to Henry Bridgeland and Delia (formerly Quaife), in Catsfield, 12 Feb. 1872. She always said she lived in 'The White House', Catsfield. She married Frederick Osborn,an 'outside porter' from Prospect Place, Hastings, on April 26th. 1892. Any contact (...Read full memory)