Old Maps of Cowan Bridge

Historic Maps of Cowan Bridge and the local area.

Memories of Cowan Bridge

Read and share your memories of Cowan Bridge itself or of a particular photo of Cowan Bridge.

The house on the right of this photo was my home - Bronte Cottage. I have been told that it was once used as the coach house for the school and certainly I remember stone flagged floors to the largest room on the ground floor. To our great sadness the house was demolished in the early 1960s for the road (...Read full memory)

To the left hand side of the A65 opposite the Village Shop stands the Smithy - this is significant to me as my grandfather Thomas Glover was the village Blacksmith until his retirement. The Smithy was demolished after he retired and my parents later had a bungalow built for themselves behind where it had (...Read full memory)