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A Memory of Croydon.

The building in this view with the clock was, in the 1960's, a bank, I don't recall which one but maybe Barclays. I do recall on entering it, the main service counter ran parallel to the High Street and behind it under the windows facing the Whitgift alms houses on the opposite corner was another counter about 20ft [6m] long and 2ft 6" [0,75m] wide completely covered in bundles of notes. 5 Pound, 1 Pound and 10/- notes. They were all stacked on edge so would have covered the whole surface to a depth of about 3 1/2" [90mm]. I couldn't guess how much money was there or why so much was on display but I had never before or since seen so much cash in one place at one time.
Croydon was our family's weekly shopping location in the 50's and 60's. Liptons, for groceries, where my brother started working life as a delivery boy with his "Open All Hours" type bike. Kennards, Alders and Grants for special items but mostly the Coop with its fascinating pneumatic delivery system for cash, receipts and change - not to mention the sweetshop next to it where huge lumps of molten sugar were worked into bulls eyes or lemon drops on the large marble slab.
Also the excitement of bustling Surrey street market or a film at the Davis cinema where my dad, a P.C. ,was sent to control the teddy boys, jiving in the aisles to Rock Around the Clock. Great memories.

Added 16 September 2021


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Remember Alders and the Alms Houses. Went ot The Davis Cinema when I was 17 and took my young cousin. They wouldn't let me in [ I looked young for my age] so had to go back home to get identification.

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