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Memories of Daventry

Reading some of the uses that this grand old building has been put to over the decades, brought back memories of my earlier years in the 1960's where the Abbey buildings frequently featured. Probably the first visit I was not aware of, because in the late '50's the post natal clinic was held there. I do remember (...Read full memory)

Hi there I remember the day that this engine arrived in the rec. It was a source of great entertainment for us youngsters particulary, as originally everything was accessible. I remember climbing up on the footplate and seeing a little lad emerging from the firebox. It was rumoured that it was possible to get into the (...Read full memory)

Hi there, I was married in The Church of The Holy Cross on November 1st 1958. It was a very cold day as you would imagine, being Winter time, but it was a lovely sunny day. I remember walking up to the big doors on my Fathers` arm and feeling so happy. There were loads of friends and other people on each side. My Father (...Read full memory)

This pub was run by my grandfather and his wife around about 1910. They were John Percy Kingston and his wife Maggie Lizzy.. There were tales of many local characters who came into the pub . I believe the pub let rooms for the night and sported a sign at that time advertising 'Accommodation for Motorists'.

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