Old Maps of Devizes

Historic Maps of Devizes and the local area.

I don't have a memory of Devizes, but I do have a memory of a girl that I am sure moved there, Potterne, from Wokingham, her name is Jennifer, I think her married name is Ball nee House and lived/lives in Firs Hill Way, in the mid 60s she had beautiful red hair but liked it black, worked at London Bottle Closures, had a friend (...Read full memory)

A DEVIZES GIRL REMEMBERS Before talking of my own memories, it would seem appropriate to start by sharing some valuable ones of my Father who was born in 1906 and spent his whole life in the town. During the last five years of his life in the 1990s, he resided at the front of Chantry Court where he could look out of the (...Read full memory)