Memories of Earby

Those were the days when we could go to the Waterfalls and play all day long without any fears. Paddle in Earby beck and catch tiddlers, play hide and seek beheind the Empire Picture house, go for bike rides to Malhem Tarn. Take the dogs for a walk up the Moors. Go thru the fileds towards Bristol (...Read full memory)

I was born in Earby in April 1949 at 20 Grove St. This Grove St was the original Grove St. It was demolished, I don't know when, and a new Grove Street was built, again not sure when. My grandparents lived in Dale St, my Uncle Doug at 44 Shuttleworth St and my parents and two siblings lived at 13 Alderhill St, at the top. I (...Read full memory)

We were married in 1964 and in July we went on holiday, returning to floods which had just happened the day before. My parents' greengrocer's shop on Water Street was a mess and the cottage was even worse. The first thing we saw when we got off the bus by the Conservative Club was a huge pile of tar washed up from the (...Read full memory)

In 1970 my Grandparents (Mr & Mrs Harold Hall of Winnipeg, Canada) and I spent some time with my Grandmother's sister, Ethel Mills and her husband John. We had a family reunion and dinner in a restaurant.  About 20 relations attended.  I did not know anyone.  Would any one remember that visit and (...Read full memory)

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