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Memories of East Grinstead

Must have been in the early 1970s when I allowed myself to be roped in as an instructor, along with Charles Sheldrick, of Charlwoods Road, and three others; to my shame, I can't properly remember their names. One was a plumber who lived in Charlwoods Road (first house on the left coming out (...Read full memory)

My great-grandfather Stephen Whiting Easton was a watchmaker who had a shop in Hartfield Road. He was also a master carpenter and he made a scale model of the local church. On his death the model was kept by his daughter Eva Luck. My family went often to view the model, but on one occasion Eva announced that she had sold it. Does anyone remember the model or know what happened to it?

My grandmother and her children lived in East Grinstead on Glen Vue. It was just a dirt road which came to a dead end. I do not remember my grandfather as he died when I was very young. I can remember spending Christmases with my grandmother. East Grinstead was hit by a bomb in the war. There was a direct hit on a cinema (...Read full memory)

Who remembers the Whitehalls near the traffic lights in the High Street? It was owned and managed by a guy called Mr. Heuser? A very popular venue in the mid sixties for dancing to live groups. One group I remember well was The Barnstormers, I should, I played bass with them for many years. From what I recall, (...Read full memory)

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