Old Maps of Eckington

Historic Maps of Eckington and the local area.

I worked at the co-op drapery, next door to Davys and Frisbys shoe shop at the other side in 1955 untill I married and left in 1960. The manager was Mr Shaw from Chesterfield. The other girls who worked with me were Gyneth Haywood who lived in Eckington, Barbara Jessop who also lives in Eckington, Diane Fiddler who (...Read full memory)

Myself and my brother were brought up in 50's by our grandparents as mum had died around Xmas '53. School was Camms, we joined the church choir and blessed with a decent voice I became head chorister singing various solos. Cubs and Scouts followed, Rev Branson being in charge with his sister with (...Read full memory)