Old Maps of Edwinstowe

Historic Maps of Edwinstowe and the local area.

I have two memories,one of my grandfather,his name was Parr.He lived a bit down from the crossroads,he used to keep pigs and he used to work in the forest.I can always remember hams hanging from beams in the living room with a big fire.this must have been in 1950. My other memory was of my auntie,she was a big boxum lady (...Read full memory)

My wife, Brenda, and I have fond memories of the Major Oak. On 7th November 1959 I drove in thick fog to Sherwood Forest and found that the sun was shining there. I led Brenda into the hollow trunk of the tree (access was unrestricted at that time) and proposed to her... she accepted. There cannot be many girls who have been proposed to inside a tree!