Old Maps of Finedon

Historic Maps of Finedon and the local area.

Memories of Finedon

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Do you remember seeing a field of giant mangel wurzels in Finedon? When I was still a lad, Finedon farmers were still following a fifteenth century practice of growing the huge white and yellow beetroots for cattle food. I remember seeing several fields of them down Harrowden Lane. As a seven-year old, I had a (...Read full memory)

On My Finedon website I received this e mail. As an expatriot I thought you would like a message. I was born in Finedon in 1912, and left for Canada in 1928. I lived in Placketts Yard and Ivy Lane. Attended the infants school at Lime Tree end, and then the boys school on Church Hill, and graduated to Mulso (...Read full memory)