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Liverpool and Merseyside Photographic Memories

Liverpool and Merseyside Photographic Memories

The photo 'Formby, Brows Lane c1965' appears in this book.

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Caption for Formby, Brows Lane C1960: This view is from the same spot as our last photograph, but roughly ten years later. The narrow road has gone, widened in the name of progress. Sad to say, the wonderful trees on the older picture have gone, replaced with new shops and a parking bay for the ever-growing army of motorists using their cars to pop to the shops. The Post Office is still there in this photograph, and so is the District Bank next door - two disappearing amenities that we once, more or less, took for granted.

An extract from Liverpool and Merseyside Photographic Memories.

Memories of Formby

Hello friends!  I am very interested to find out as much as I can about the former Our Lady's school which used to be on Church Road in Formby.  I'm interested more about the boys side as apparently boys and girls were seperated then.  My Father went to that school (not sure (...Read full memory)

I was at Holmwood from 1951 to 56. I would like to find David Glass' history.

The names of the 2 male teachers were Walter Rogan and Peter Dolan. There are still plenty of people who went to Our Ladys still living in Formby a couple of whom I still socialise with. There were quite a few of us who went on to St Wilfrids and it would be nice to see who is still about.

I still have good memories of my head teacher at Our Lady's School in Formby, her name was Sister Mary Joseph. Every first Friday of the month we used to go to mass then have breakfast at school. Who can remember Miss Dun? Can anybody remember the names of the 2 male teachers? I left the school in 1963, at 15. Hope to hear (...Read full memory)

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