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Caption for Formby, The Old Lifeboat Cottage C1965: For years it was believed that Bamburgh in Northumberland was the world's first lifeboat station when a converted coble was placed there in 1786. In the 1970s evidence was unearthed that as early as March 1777 the authorities in Liverpool had given orders for repairs to 'the boat, which was formerly ordered to be built and kept at Formby in readiness to fetch any shipwrecked persons from the banks'. However, the sands gradually began to engulf the station, and it was closed down in 1919.

Memories of Formby

Hello friends!  I am very interested to find out as much as I can about the former Our Lady's school which used to be on Church Road in Formby.  I'm interested more about the boys side as apparently boys and girls were seperated then.  My Father went to that school (not sure (...Read full memory)

I was at Holmwood from 1951 to 56. I would like to find David Glass' history.

The names of the 2 male teachers were Walter Rogan and Peter Dolan. There are still plenty of people who went to Our Ladys still living in Formby a couple of whom I still socialise with. There were quite a few of us who went on to St Wilfrids and it would be nice to see who is still about.

I still have good memories of my head teacher at Our Lady's School in Formby, her name was Sister Mary Joseph. Every first Friday of the month we used to go to mass then have breakfast at school. Who can remember Miss Dun? Can anybody remember the names of the 2 male teachers? I left the school in 1963, at 15. Hope to hear (...Read full memory)

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