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I was the first stooge to work at Holmwood (for one year in 1975). I was 18 and come over from Australia for a gap year between secondary school and law school. My nickname, or at least one of them, was Mr Tuckeroo. I lived in the bachelor masters’ residence, Netherby House. It was a (...Read full memory)

I was at Holmwood from 1951 to 56. I would like to find David Glass' history.

Formby Ice-Rink. Mrs White, Tim and Mrs Appelton who I'd have my lessons with. Friends; Caraline Vickers, Mary Mordsley and little Franky Kelly to name but a few. Great times, sad when the rink closed. Norma Clarke, a great ice skater and of course the lads, Eddie,Les and Rodney who worked there.

I was at Our Lady's from 1960 - '66. The most abiding memories are the smells - of disinfectant in the outside toilets, which were frozen in winter, and horrible lukewarm milk in those small bottles which were always kept in crates next to the massive heating pipes. Fish for dinner every Friday in that huge (...Read full memory)

This is a nostalgic picture for drivers of a certain age. The two round ‘No Waiting’ road signs seen on either side of the road in this photograph of Formby are a reminder of when and where you could park your car when you went shopping in the past. These signs were used during the ‘unilateral (...Read full memory)

The names of the 2 male teachers were Walter Rogan and Peter Dolan. There are still plenty of people who went to Our Ladys still living in Formby a couple of whom I still socialise with. There were quite a few of us who went on to St Wilfrids and it would be nice to see who is still about.

I was looking for a Holmwood Old Boys site when I found this one. I spent the years between 1951 and 1958 at Netherby and Holmwood, and they were the happiest school days ever. Having followed my father's footsteps to Holmwood, I had to achieve the same level in sport. Each afternoon we either played soccer, rugby or cricket (...Read full memory)

I still have good memories of my head teacher at Our Lady's School in Formby, her name was Sister Mary Joseph. Every first Friday of the month we used to go to mass then have breakfast at school. Who can remember Miss Dun? Can anybody remember the names of the 2 male teachers? I left the school in 1963, at 15. Hope to hear (...Read full memory)

I remember Our Lady's School very well. My teacher was Miss Kinseller, there were 2 nuns, one being the head but I can't remember her name. I especially remember the outside toilets for the boys and the constant smell of disinfectant ... ummm. Attendance at the church next door was constant, with confessions and (...Read full memory)

Yes! every Sunday for years during the summer holidays this is where you would find me, my mam, dad, 3 brothers, 2 sisters, aunties, uncles, cousins, nanny and grandad. We would park the car what seemed like miles away and we would trek over the sand dunes to the 'beach' - I use the term loosely as when we used to go in the (...Read full memory)