My Early Years Spent At Little Pond House - a Memory of Frensham.

I arrived at Little Pond House just before Chirstmas 1964. My mother had been taken ill and I had to stay at the home until 1968 when I left Tilford Junior School and had to attend a boarding school at Reigate, Surrey. I remember being greeted by Mary and Jack Finch, now deceased. I only met them once after I left Tilford, they were running a home in Margate in Kent but I sent them a Christmas card every year until their passing. I remember children arriving there from all over Europe and owe my rather limited French and German skills to my stay at the home. I remember walks over Hankley Common and watching the trainee Paras jumping out of a Barrage Balloon and walks to Frensham little and big ponds. I owe the home a great deal in keeping me safe in my early years and I always remember Tilford and the surrounding area of outstandind beauty. Thank you Little Pond House and Mary and Jack Finch.

A memory shared by David Simmons on Feb 28th, 2011.
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Thu Mar 14th 2019, at 9:18 am
marie.doheny commented:
I can relate to some of these comments. We were a family of 4 children sent to little pond house maybe late 60s. We have horrible memories of it and something tonight made me decide to comment. My younger sister was not allowed to sleep with us her older sisters. Punishment was by way of humiliation and letters home were read by jack & Mary. We were offered a 2nd trip there and all of us refused. To young and sent away under the guise of a "holiday" was unforgivable. Marie Doheny
Mon Feb 27th 2017, at 1:45 pm
I stayed at Little Pond House in the late 60's with my sister who was 3 years old, I was just 5 years old. We arrived and was met by people we had never met before and was told we had to call them "uncle Jack & auntie Mary". We had our our own clothes we took with us taken away from us and we were given rather old scruffy clothes to wear. We had to go out and feed the animals on the grounds (chickens etc...) as this was part of our daily chores. We were taken out door knocking begging for clothes and money.
I at 5 had a huge responsibility put on me in making sure they didn't take my sister away from me, so they put her on a mattress on the floor next to my bed in the dormitory I was in. I remember waking up one night to find someone standing over me on my bed who then urinated all over me, I was taken by uncle Jack and beaten. Another night I remember being woken and taken from the dormitory by a member of staff, I was taken to an outbuilding on the grounds where a hand was put over my mouth, I couldn't breath, the next thing I remember was waking up in my bed and the sheets had blood on them, my bottom was still bleeding and I just remember the pain and crying, this happened to me many more times during my time there and has affected me my whole life. I hated LPH and the people there. I was there for some time, and I too remember being forced to drink milk which I have never liked and forced to eat cheese, another thing I hated and I used to throw up terribly because of it, but they still forced me to have it. The memories of my time at that place still terrorise me, and I too wanted to escape and run away, but I couldn't leave my sister there alone. I hope those people who ran the place and abused others like they did me rot in hell.
Fri Feb 10th 2017, at 4:18 pm
lynneythomas commented:
I went with my brother in the 60's, could have been 1964-1966?
We were taken there due to problems at home, we both hated it and although we probably only spent a week there, it felt like a year! They made us eat things we hated and we missed home terribly. I remember the sandpit - I was standing in it one day only to find I was standing in an ants nest, great big soldier ants that started crawling up my legs. I screamed & screamed!!
Seems funny now but I was severely traumatised & have hated insects ever since. I was also very protective of my younger brother who kept being sick because they made him eat something he hated, can't recall what now.
I wrote a letter to my mum but they wouldn't let me post it as they read it first & saw I had said it was awful there & wantef to come home so they made me write another one saying I was having a lovely time!!
When mum met us at the station in London after our time there I was in floods of tears and remember saying how we hated every minute, she was very upset too.
Wed Mar 11th 2015, at 10:50 am
I remember going to Little Pond House often as
my father was Vice-Chairman of the International
Help for Children Organisation who ran it, it was
a wonderful place to be in
Wed Feb 11th 2015, at 9:42 pm
I too stayed at Little Pond House in the sixties, I remember Jack and Mary, a rocking horse in the playhouse, going for walks before breakfast and going to see Mary Poppins and someone on stage with a banner saying supercalfragilisticexpialidocious and going back to lphouse after and having pea soup. There was also a climbing frame in the garden where we had our photo taken to join all of the other photos of every child who stayed there that lined the walls in the hall.I remember singing along to Puff the magic dragon which was on the radio so I think it was 1963. Thank you Jack and Mary for looking after children like me who needed tlc and good food.Does anyone know if any of the photos survived?

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