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At the south end of the High Street the road widens to a pleasant green, formerly a market place. At its south end is an 1891 statue of Frederick Tollemache, the town's MP for nearly 50 years from 1826. To the right is the town hall of 1867, now the Guildhall Centre, while the house to its right was replaced by a library and museum in the 1950s. To its right buildings of 1884 are now the Tollemache Inn.

Other Memories from Grantham

My Mam was in service in 1920

My last three years at school were spent in the small building at the centre of the picture. At the time what had previously been the Brownlow infants school was an annex to the Girl's Central School hidden behind building to the right. Both buildings now have another use as The Girls Central School was replaced by Walton Girls School on Kitty Briggs Lane back in the mid 1960s

I am SO grateful for this image as it set me off on my visit to Grantham to further research my ancestry. For me, it shows two properties of J.T. Broughton. My ancestors, Hackworth, married into the Broughton family and were in these properties at the time this image was taken. Very exciting. It has brought my research to life. Who knows, maybe that is one of my ancestors standing with the horse outside!

My husband and I married in the building on the right of this photograph in February 1988. I seem to recall the the registry office was moving from one building to another at the time and so this gorgeous old building was used as a temporary venue. The room we married in had dark wooden panelling on the walls and was steeped in history. We then nipped across the road for photographs in the doorway of St Wulfrums Church.

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