Great Bookham, Eastwick Park 1904

Memories of Great Bookham

I lived in Dowlans Road from 1934 to 1952 when I did National Service. I was the errand boy for Harry Absolam from 1944 to 1946 when I started work in London. The 2 girls behind the counter were Joan Guy and Thelma?

I was born in Dowlans Road, opposite to Dawnay Road. The grocers which is referred to was where my mum used to shop. Next to the grocers my best friend Nigel lived, as did Dave Hill before him. The waste ground to the left in the photo was a bit of a dumping ground. We, Dave and me, found some old paint tins one day (...Read full memory)

Interesting to read the memory from Sue Rainer- Copland on Petherbridges greengrocers - my Mum worked there for many years. I can vividly remember long queues outside the door on many, many occasions. Above Camerons and the greengrocers was a ladies hairdressers called Geralds. Does anyone remember Walker Smiths - grocers on the opposite side of the road?

My grandfather Herbert Allen owned that building for a while - around 1920's I think - it was run for him by Denis Eaton. Dennis eventually became his son in law - he married Sylvia the 2nd youngest of 5 Allen girls - who only passed away about 4 years ago now. It was I thought called The Granary before it was turned (...Read full memory)

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