Old Maps of Great Hockham

Historic Maps of Great Hockham and the local area.

Memories of Great Hockham

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I was born in hockham 1953. my mum and brother still live there. lovely memories playing on the hill which it was called then. going too the lion pub and getting a bottle of coke and a bag of crisps going back on the hill and sitting on the stone. the village has changed now too more houses and no shops. there were four shops to what I can remember.

We moved to Hockham when I was 4 in 1964. My Father Douglas Oliver was the landlord of the Red Lion up until it closed in 1971 leaving just the Eagle to play darts and socialise in. Dad bought the Red Lion and converted it as a family home. Great memories of growing up in the village and being in doctrinated to local (...Read full memory)