Old Maps of Gristhorpe

Historic Maps of Gristhorpe and the local area.

Memories of Gristhorpe

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My brother and I were evacuees for 2 years. We stayed with a wonderful family, Mr and Mrs Braithwait and their daughter Eileen. My brother George went back many times as he loved it there, as he had got very on with a  5-year-old boy and they were always together. My brother tragicallydied in 1954. I (...Read full memory)

The cottage nearest to the telegraph pole was my grandmother's.  My uncles Ted and Bob lived there with her until they moved to Woodbine Farm,  Langtoft.  After they left, gran moved in with my family at the other end of the village, Meadow View, and Uncle Cliff and his family moved in until they in turn moved to the farm (...Read full memory)