Guildford, Sutton Place, The Library 1914

Memories of Guildford

We moved to live in Hersham, Surrey, in the late 1950's and visited Guildford quite often through the 1960's. A visit to the Rooftop Cafe was always a highlight for me. I remember jumping from stepping stone to stepping stone, and watching the fish darting about in the water. I have never seen another roof top (...Read full memory)

My nan and mum used to work in the Guildford Dolls Hospital which would have been on the right just beyond the white building. As the name suggests they would make your doll better if she was ill and also sold many other toys - one of my favourite memories

Back in the 1960s my sister used to take her dolls to the dolls' hospital to get them fixed, they also mended teddy' bears but my best memory of the dolls' hospital was that they used to have a Jonny 7 machine gun set up in the window, it was a toy gun that broke down into 7 different weapons. I was living on Bellfields then (...Read full memory)

I learnt to swim in the old Castle Street Baths. The old changing cubicles were a nightmare as the "wash" from the pool always resulted in wet socks!

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