Guildford, Sutton Place, The Library 1914

Memories of Guildford

I remember the old cottages alongside the castle and the wonderful indoor baths. I have often tried to find pictures of the baths (inside and out) but if anyone has any to share would love to see them.

I lived at West Horsley and Saturdays Mum would take me on the bus to Guildford, we would meet my aunt and shop at the market. They would then take me to Harveys and I would have a milkshake sitting on the roof garden. I have told my children about this, now I can show them a photo

Working for Thomas Wallis seen here on the left, it was a large department store selling all household goods, from tea towels to carpets and furniture. Oh how I loved my job.  In those days the shops used to shut Wednesday afternoons and I wanted to stay there I loved it so much.  My Mum, "Collie" as she was known, was in (...Read full memory)

I had a Saturday job at Harveys and I was paid £1 for the day. It would have been about 1964-65. I remember working in the toy department one Christmas and loving it; so much easier than the paper round on the Sunday. Harvey's had creaking floorboards under heavy carpets and still had Pneumatic Tube Transport for sending money and receiving change in a cylindrical tube.

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