Guildford, Sutton Place, The Library 1914

Memories of Guildford

In 1938 Wood Street village enjoyed their first Annual Flower Show . My father, Arthur Stock was a driving force in promoting this event. he was later presented with a chiming clock inscribed "Presented to Mr. Arthur E. Stock, Hon Sec. Wood Street, Broad Street and District Horticultural Society, by the (...Read full memory)

This is not so much a memory but a question of anyone out there about a house that my grandparents built in Guildford called "Haytor" in around 1925/1926. I would be fascinated to know if the house still stands and if anyone has any knowledge of it from either someone who purchased it after my grandparents moved after the second world war or at any time since then.

I was at Pilgrims Wood, Sandy Lane, Guildford, Surrey, in years from 1959-1965, with, my two siblings. I remember having to attend the church at Littleton, and I also remember having to go for walks in the woods. One day when I was older some other children and I were allowed to go on (...Read full memory)

Remember my young childhood days at pilgrims WOOD sandy lane childrens home.1944. The searchlights & BARRAGE BALLOONS up on the hogs back. Playing in the woods building camps with BRACKEN & CLIMING TREES BIRDNESTING ETC such wonderfull times ... I had come from LONG BARN NURSERY IN SEVENOAKS. IT (...Read full memory)

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