Hornsea Children's Convalescent Home - a Memory of Hornsea.

I was there with my sister 1964-65 for around 2 month, then after we went home 2 more members of my family were in there.
I remember all the children were taking into the school room, to the right of the massive staircase. Every child was doused with nit lotion weather they had nits or not, it ran down your face.

The TV/games room was on the left side of the staircase also the dining room, where we were made to drink a liquid, not sure what it was, but we were not allowed to go to the loo for at least an hour after drinking it, and when we were finally allowed we had to lift the seat and sit on the cold pot. I remember feeling sick but was warned I better no be or I would have to drink more.

I remember if we were sent anything through the post we had to put all sweets in a big square biscuit tin for everyone else to share of, and if we got a letter it was opened before we got it and things had been crossed out in black ..if we sent a letter home we had to buy our own stamp with money that had been sent to us

we were weighed each week and measured, I have no idea why we were sent there, my mother would never say and took the reason to her grave, I am thinking about getting in touch with the social services for our records.

I remember a Matron and a bitch of a nurse called Nurse Ebb she was so cruel did lots of things to us all, especially my disabled sister for wetting the bed, she was only 3ish and she was locked in the bathroom with the light off, crying her heart out, while my other sister was got out of bed and made to fix the wet bedclothes my other sister was only 6.

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Thu Sep 10th 2015, at 11:08 pm
ritakrig commented:
I remember being at Hornsea children's convalescent home in around 1960. A boy called Cal was tied to a chair. The staff were not really cruel but not kind either. I think letters were censored and some not sent. There was a girl called Denise aged 7 there at the same time as me. We were once allowed to stay up really late unsupervised.
Thu Oct 8th 2015, at 3:46 pm
markstork10 commented:
Hi.i was in the home with my brothers from 1968 to 1970.To be honest i remember it been ok.
Wed Apr 19th 2017, at 4:56 pm
mjcooper commented:
I was there in 68, one large dorm on my own at age 6.
I used to sit on the windowsill crying all night, watching the bus station, waiting for my mother to take me back home. :(
I remember the sweets being in OXO tins in the cupboard at the back of the TV/Dining room near the back door.
Going to bed at the hour that matched your age.
Soup in a plastic beaker.
The queue waiting for a bath in the same bathwater.
"School" in the large room, I think it was a wooden extension of the building.
I also have no idea why I went there, Funnily enough my Health records are missing for that year, maybe something to do with the enquiry that shut it down?
Wed Jul 25th 2018, at 6:20 pm
bettomlinson commented:
I was also sent to the home with my brother in 1962. we were sent from the childrens hospital in Hull, we both had suspected TB. what a terrible place I am now 67 but never forget being in that place. My parents came to visit on a week-end brought sweets but we never saw them again. I once at breakfast we had scrambled egg which I didn't like but was made to sit there and eat it never forgot and never eat scrambled egg. there for a month only went out once and that was summer, spent all our days in the play room with not very nice staff. My brother was only 5 and I used have to look after him as well dressing him, making his bed and generally looking after him. There also a downs syndrome girl who used to run round the rooms screaming and i tried to look after her as well. When our parents came to visit we were not allowed to say anything because one of the staff was there all the time. Horrendous Time Never Forgotten,
Sat Mar 16th 2019, at 5:19 pm
kimfarrington commented:
Im so glad i found this page,i honestly thought i had imagined all the abuse i endured as a child until i read your post . I was there the same year as you and you have better memories which in turn woke up mine . I remember a girl also being restrained with a straight Jacket and tied to the the big oak dining table leg because she wouldn't eat scrambled eggs . Also a disabled little boy with cerebral palsy being made to eat his own vomit . I am trying to find the papers from the enquirer to find out what reasons they closed this horrible place. Im sure we should have rights to fight for the abuse we all suffered in their hands . Many thanks for the added memories i thought i had imagined . kind regards, Kim a survivor of Hornsey Children's Convalescent Home

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