Horsham, Christ's Hospital, Big School 1902

Memories of Horsham

In this aerial view the early stages of Swan Walk's construction are visible, along with Albion Way that is near completion and which was opened the following year by the Queen. Between the late 60s and early 70s a large area just north of the town centre was cleared; this land once had a gas (...Read full memory)

The windows above Milledges, the toy shop and the door in middle of shops is where my Piggott relatives lived in the 1950/60s. Lovely memories.

You can compare this image to an up to date photo at http://www.hiddenhorsham.co.uk/hh/frith3.htm

Was a patient at the hospital from Palm Sunday, 1968 for about six weeks. The picture you have in postcard form was the rose garden. I took several photographs in colour, while there, as we had access to the whole of the grounds. will forward copies, when I have traced them. There is a website AAH "All About (...Read full memory)

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