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Memories of Hythe

I was born in Hythe and spent all my childhood there. My brother, sister and I used to walk home from school along the canal bank. In the holidays we would take jam jars and catch tadpoles. In the winter, we would slide on the frozen water.

My father Tony Wonfor was born in Hythe in 1932, his parents John William and Hannah Victoria. My grandparrents lived there until the outbreak of the Second World War. Tony had two brothers, George and John, and a sister Letty. John died in Austria in action and Letty died young of TB. I also had other relations that lived (...Read full memory)

I used to live in Sir John Moore Avenue, Hythe. This small estate was built on the site of the School of Musketry. We went to Nova Scotia, Canada, to see my wife's family. While there, we visited a tourist attraction. I found myself at a bookstall, picked up a book that I liked the look of, turned it over to see (...Read full memory)

I too, stayed at this holiday home for children on the sea-front at Hythe in the late 1960's. The holiday was arranged by my primary school in the West Midlands, the home is no longer there. I believe it was owned and run by a London boy's organisation but was also rented by schools and organisations (...Read full memory)

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