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Hull Town and City Memories

Hull Town and City Memories

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Caption for Hull, Paragon Street 1903: The west end of Paragon Street took its name from the late 18th-century inn of the same name, which occupied the corner of the nearby Chariot Street. The street was laid out around 1802, and soon many taverns, hotels, inns and shops were built. The famous New Amphitheatre was built in 1846 at the junction with South Street: with its Paragon Street frontage of 206ft in length, and seating approximately 3,000 people, it was at one time one of the largest theatres in the country. Following many name changes, it was partially demolished after becoming unsafe. In 1871 the grand Italianate structure known as the Imperial Hotel was built on the site of its auditorium. Remodelled and rebuilt, the theatre opened as a smaller venue named the Theatre Royal until 1909, when it too closed (see 49815, right); it re-opened as the Tivoli Theatre in 1912.

An extract from Hull Town and City Memories.

Memories of Kingston upon Hull

Does anyone remember this sometime in the 1950s ....? A friend who now lives in Australia remembers her grandparents owning one in Hull. Hope someone can help.

Humberside was created from 1 April 1974 and lasted to 1 Apr 1996. Kingston-upon-Hull is Yorkshire and not Humberside. Note from the Editor: Many thanks for your comment. I do understand your frustration, however, unfortunately city and county lines and borders are constantly being redrawn, and researching (...Read full memory)

My Mam was from Hull and I was born there. We moved to Wales when I was three. We used to go to visit my Gran in Glebe Road, and my Aunt Hilda. We loved the patties and fish and chips. They were the best. I remember the trams, the parks and riding bikes. Us children, my brothers and I, did not like the smell (...Read full memory)

Wow. I remember being unhappy living in digs and cycling up to Uni in my mini skirt. Prof Wilkinson telling me that he 'adored tall women' (he'd be sacked now) or I could have got a first! Wishing I was living in halls. Three years seeming an eternity. Why did I stick it out? What happened to (...Read full memory)

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