Old Maps of Knutsford

Historic Maps of Knutsford and the local area.

We moved to knutsford when i was 4 (1960) we lived at 2 summerfields and then moved to 14 southfields it was a brand new house ! I played out all day with my friends , matt moonie, bobby millward , david pye, the hornes, jonathan henderson . I went to crosstown school , i remember mrs cromwell jones ,the dinner (...Read full memory)

In the 1960's/70's - (can anybody tell me the actual date?) when the Tatton Estate was being broken up, there was an attempt to secure the Heath for built development. The Knutsford Freeholders who had 'ancient rights' for grazing etc.. over the Heath (and, of course, to hold fairs thereon - especially the (...Read full memory)