Memories of Lazonby

In 1966, the Allday family left Lazonby to immagrate to Canada. I'm Fred the eldest boy and was 16 and did not want to leave, my home and friends behind. There was a girl, Shiela Taylor who I had feelings for and she never knew. I left behind friends also, Kelvin Graham and John Nichols. If anyone knows these people (...Read full memory)

My husband's grandmother Ellen Graham lived in Lazonby, she firstly married Reginald Calland, and had 3 sons, Reginald died and she married Thomas Graham. They then had twins, Thomas and Ethel, then in 1902 Johnathan my father-in-law was born. They lived at Scarrows Cottage in Lazonby. A couple of years ago we were on (...Read full memory)

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