Memories of Leicester

I was born in 1942 and spent my childhood years living in the way road area of the city.  My brother and I were lucky enough to have a family living directly behind us in Homefield Avenue (I think that is what it was called) there were three children. We used to spend many happy hours playing in the brook at the bottom (...Read full memory)

I remember living in a terraced Street close to 'Vikky Park' as a child. We used to visit the war memorial after standing in the freezing cold watching my Dad play football... sometimes you couldn't even see the game for the fog. I remember being astonished when reaching up to touch the flags inside the memorial one day, I (...Read full memory)

My wife Merlyn's great, great, grandfather, Thomas Pritchard, held the position of Chief Constable in Hereford during the 1770's to 1790's. He had seven sons, and the youngest, Thomas, born in 1831, migrated to Australia in the Horizon and settled in Bendigo, Victoria in 1857, as a result (...Read full memory)

I was living in the USA at the time and had come over for a 3 week visit to see my family. My dad and I visited the park with my 3 year old daughter and spent the afternoon there getting re-aquainted. I returned to the USA shortly afterwards only to learn that my dad had died suddenly, so it was the last place I was to remember him for years to come. Sonia Brown. (nee George)

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