Memories of Lewisham

Does anybody have any info on George Holden Dance classes in Lewisham, after the war? This is where my mum and dad met and I'd love to see if anyone can add anything to it? Any pictures? Even an address where they were held? Was it live music, or records? Which would've been 78s in those days Many thanks Rob

My mother, then called Billie Gwilliam, was living in New Cross in South London with her parents Bill and Connie Gwilliam during the Blitz of the Second World War, and has many memories of what it was like to be a young child living through this terrifying time. ‘I remember a group of us (...Read full memory)

I was only a few months old when our family moved to 122 Marsala Road, Ladywell in 1949. I was ten years of age when we moved from Ladywell to Dartford in August 1959 but there are many different and varied things that I can remember. Money was then very tight and Dad was working in London and Mum (...Read full memory)

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