Liverpool, The 'empress Of England' Leaving Liverpool c.1958

Memories of Liverpool, the 'Empress of England' leaving Liverpool c1958

I was on The Empress of England in November 1965, with my four young children. I remember the stormy crossing. Lots of us were sick. Yes we landed at Quebec City, and should have gone on to Montreal , but a Norwegian tanker hit us as we left the pier in a snow squall, and so we had to go back and the went to (...Read full memory)

We sailed across the Atlantic on the Empress of England from Liverpool to Montreal, first arriving in Quebec City on Oct 30, 1958. It makes me wonder if this photo is of that same voyage!! I would love to obtain a passenger list. My parents are now deceased and I would like to have it as a keepsake. Our family name (...Read full memory)

Hi, I too emigrated to Canada but in about 1954 when I was nearly three. We had to come back the following year as my father was ill, and I think it must have been on the return journey that I remember the rocking horse too! Thanks for reminding me of this and of the portholes in the ship. Those two things stuck in my mind.

I watched this ship as a child at the pier head, many years later I sailed on her on a cruise around the med about 2000/2001. She had been renamed the 'Topaz', it was either the 'Empress Of England' or her sister ship the 'Empress of Scotland'. She was sold on about 5 or 6 years ago and if my information is correct (...Read full memory)

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