Old Maps of Lower Stoke

Historic Maps of Lower Stoke and the local area.

My name is Alan Mudge, cousin of Valerie Mudge, her father Doll (Arthur) was one of my Dad's brothers.I was born on 15th. Sept. 1940 at The Shant, Grain Road, Lower Stoke, later, in 1948 moving to 12 Windmill Cottages. I went to school with Stanley Fritter. Educated at Lower Stoke Primary School, Wainscott Secondary (...Read full memory)

I lived in Lower Stoke until 1979, my children Melanie, Rachel and Eric Mellor all went to the primary school. They had a lovely childhood roaming the village in safety. We used to go fruit picking and pea picking. It was a lovely place to live. Lynda was Mellor