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I just received a gift of a map DUNSTERS geological map of THE ENVIRONS OF LYME REGIS price four pence. A great piece of Lyme history.

It was so good going through all the photos. I worked in Coram Court from 1968 until 1970 and I loved every minute of it. The photos brought back a lot of happy memories.

Remember the Marine Parade so well I came to Lyme Regis in the early 1950 as a pre nursing student at the Local Cottage Hospital my name then was Muriel. Davis we always were called by our surnames I married in 1956 to Tony Wiscombe member of a local building firm Those care free days walking to the Cobb and back on a Sunday then home for cream tea or trifle and sandwiches

Magical trip for a 14 year old working class boy attending Sinjuns Grammar School - a two week school journey to Lyme Regis. We had no car of our own, so bicycles and coach, bus and train journeys provided the backdrop to holidays. Holidays with mum and dad were always daytrips without overnights and cafes and picnics (...Read full memory)

This was the home of my great grandfather Sir John Arrow Kempe whose daughter Cicely (my grandmother) was an artist and painted a beautiful watercolour of the main gates to the house, which I still have. Her son (my father) was brought up in Lyme Regis in a cottage on the sea front - we all spent many childhood holidays in Lyme Regis staying at the Bay Hotel.

From when I was about 11 years till 14 approximately my mother and I spent our holidays in Lyme Regis. We would go out on boats fishing for mackerel. I also remember eating Knickerbocker glories at a cafe overlooking the beach and the Cobb. They were delicious!

My name is Tina Taylor, I have worked in Rainbow for 22 years and wanted to know what the shop was called or the family who live there. I would be so grateful for any help as we have a cellar that dates back to the 14th century, thank you. My email adress is;

I worked at St Albans, first in 1968 with Mr and Mrs Barnes, and then with Mr and Mrs Appleby to 1971. I spent a lot of time in that pool and had no idea it was that old. St Albans was a great place to work and, to that day I'm still in touch with some of the people I met there. The memories of St Albans and Lyme Regis will always be with me .

I think this must have become St Gildas Convent in Stile Lane,but it was much altered.

This building looks like it might have been quite a bit altered, to become St Gildas Convent School in Stile Lane possibly?