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Urban Life

Lively street scenes of favourite UK towns & cities.

Memories of Market Drayton

I lived in Market Drayton from 1960 to 1963. I was at Market Drayton Grammar school and I lived on Buntingsdale estate. I remember going to the swimming pool. It was always sunny when I went. I would spend nearly every day there in the summer holidays and sometimes I would go after (...Read full memory)

I was posted to Buntingsdale Hall after passing out as a WOP/TOP in February 1948. We worked at the Teleprinter Switchboard Exchange but unfortunately, after a few weeks this closed down, presumably due to lack of demand. We were then employed on a variety of duties, none of which needed any technical (...Read full memory)

1964 - Mortimer Road, Buntingsdale Park, Market Drayton. I lived briefly in Mortimer Road as a toddler with my parents and older brother. My father was a Flight Lieutenant stationed at RAF Tern Hill from sometime between late 1962 or 1963. On March 25th, 1964, he was instructing a trainee (...Read full memory)

In mid-1948 my RAF posting was to Buntingsdale Hall. Our quarters were one of two occupied Nissen huts where RAF 22 Group communications flight was housed. At first our aircraft occupied a hanger on the Stoke side of the airfield. When a maintenace unit required that hanger we relocated to the Tern Hill (...Read full memory)

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