Middleham, Market Place c.1932

Memories of Middleham

I used to stay with a friend in the 1950's in Middleham. Her parents had a grocers shop in the square and her father also had a mobile shop which he went round rural areas with. They also had a few hens and cows. Her father's name was Bob Doother. The living quarters were above the shop. I have been back to (...Read full memory)

My great grandfather, Christopher, owned Bridge House next to the bridge when this photo was taken, having moved there from Spennithorne where he had been the landlord of the Old Horn Inn. We believe the cart driver was my great Uncle Herbert who had a cart business in the Dale - his sisters the 'Miss Hauxwells' (...Read full memory)

My ancestors The Bywells were from Middleham in the 1700's. I wonder if there are any Bywells still living there

This picture is Middleham Suspension Bridge.

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