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Memories of Milford

More likely to be the White Lion, on the right of the picture! Certainly not Milford House 1924!

Further to Mr. Mike Taylor's story about being taken to see HM Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother passing through Milford on her way to King Edward's School at Witley. I was a pupil at King Edward's during the time of her visit, and whereas Mr. Taylor's story implies there may have been a number of visits by Her (...Read full memory)

In 1962 I was in Cledwyn Evan's class at the primary school. In the Summer terms Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother used to visit King Edward's School in Witley, and Mr. Evans led his class to the roundabout to see her go by. He was enthusiastically ragged about it by the other teachers! We all stood just by the walnut (...Read full memory)

This is Church Road, 200 yards north of the church, not Haslemere Road. The building on the left of the photo is now a club. In the 1950's we children used to call it "The Wobbly Man's Club".

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