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Caption for Moreton-in-Marsh, Curfew Tower C1960: Between 1633 and 1860 a bell was tolled daily in the town's 15th-century Curfew Tower owing to an unusual bequest. Sir Robert Fry returned from London on horseback to arrive at Moreton, or somewhere near it, in a pea-souper fog. Man and horse wandered about on the common unable to find their way home, until eventually the curfew bell rang and its resounding tones led them home. In gratitude, Sir Robert left an endowment of £1 a year for the clock in the tower to be wound, and ten shillings (50p) for the curfew bell to be rung daily at 5am and 8pm in summer, and at 6am and 8pm in winter.

Memories of Moreton-in-Marsh

my aunt and uncle Harry and Marjorie had the shop Strong bros, we would visit them in school hols, help with the cricket teas. strange the shop now sells fossels. I remember taylor sitting crossed legged on the floor.

I paid a visit here one rainy day in August 2012. A quaint little town where nothing much has changed apart from the motor vehicles.

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