Old Maps of Nelson

Historic Maps of Nelson and the local area.

Dewhurst Butchers By Donald Jay. I started Butchering at the age of 12 in a local butcher on Colne road in Burnley called Harrison Brothers. When I left school at 14 I went to work at J H Dewhursts in Scotland Road Nelson. I left school on Friday and started work on Monday in Easter 1965 my wage was £4-2/6 a week (...Read full memory)

My mum had the misfortune to be born illegitimate her mum had to go to the workhouse because of the situation,and that's where mum was born! From there she was taken in by her aunties family not knowing the truth,and the sad thing was that she saw her real mum every day but had no idea who she was,she had a rough (...Read full memory)