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Caption for Newcastle Upon Tyne, The Quayside 1928: The arrival of a ship for loading or unloading brought the Quayside to life. The steam lorry belonging to brewers William McEwan & Co might be a clue to the cargo. McEwans was founded in 1856 at the Fountain Brewery, Edinburgh; the beers were sold under two names, McEwans or Younger, depending on the area. This means that McEwan 80/- is the same as Younger IPA and McEwan 70/- is identical to Younger Scotch Bitter.

An extract from Northumberland Tyne and Wear Photographic Memories.

Memories of Newcastle upon Tyne

My mother, Margaret (Peggy) Goulden nee Gray went to Manchester during the war with Maud Blackburn who lived off Scotsford Road. She lost touch with her many years ago and today mentioned her. Any information would be gratefully received.

We arrived in Newcastle in September 1955, from Malay, (Malaysia) where we were housed in that fortification of red brick buildings: Fenham Barracks. After a couple of weeks I eventually became acclimatised to the cold and, upon venturing outdoors, found a wealth of new-found friends and every (...Read full memory)

My dad was Rod Welsh a football player in the 30's. He played for Portsmouth and Port Vale. Are there any photo's out there? We lived in Forest Hall till we moved to Canada. Great place to grow up - anybody got any photo's of the village? Ann Brewer (nee Welsh)

My father (same name) was there between 1933-41 and also has many memories. Talk to him if you are able to start his memory cells. e mail:

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