Newquay, The Island c.1960

Memories of Newquay

I remember there used to be a old MTb boat down on the creek I think she was called The Ada. I heard that there was a storm down there and she was torn from her moorings. As a child on holiday with my parents I used to go down there and sit on her decks drinking home made lemonade - I can taste it now 50 yrs on.

I grew up in Newquay - and Trenance Boating Lake was a favourite haunt. There were rowing boats, and some motor boats were added at some point. As I was only 5 in 1960, I was restricted to the paddle boats- which were in an adjacent "lake". They had two handles, one each side, which you turned (a bit like pedals), to (...Read full memory)

Not sure which year(s) but remember being part of a group from Newquay School that sang in Minstrels Gallery at Christmas. Also remember warm mince-pies afterwards!

My uncle Geoff Morris lived down at the Gannell with his wife Lillian. He used to take the tourists out in his boat shark fishing from Newquay Harbour in the summer. We also had the greasy pole sports event at the harbour every summer. You and your opponent would sit facing one another on the pole with a filled sack each (...Read full memory)

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