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Urban Life

Lively street scenes of favourite UK towns & cities.

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Caption for Nottingham, Long Row East 1902: This bustling scene offers a microcosm of life a century ago. Though it seems we are looking back into an era long past, already the trams are electric-powered. However, the cabs and carts are still relying on horse-power. Note the complexity of building styles along the street line – the Victorians had no concern for harmony or for what was appropriate.

Memories of Nottingham

i lived in newbasford i was born in my house at 3 high church street 1967 that house no longer exists the council knocked the area down 1978 i lost good friends and neighbours sadly my mum and dad are no longer around i had a wonderful childhood my memories will never fade of the new basford i remember

I was born in 1949 and then spent the next 15 years living there or visiting my grandparents in Broad Oak Street. The house in Broad Oak Street forms a part of my identity. I remember every nook and cranny - the coal cellar full of magnificent blocks of stacked up coal; the pantry behind the curtain which moved in (...Read full memory)

I was stationed at Chilwell barracks just outside Nottingham in 1953. I was posted there from Deepcut after serving a year in an Ordnance Field Park. Incredibly my father was stationed in the same barracks which were nick named the spiders from 1942 until 1946. I joined the battalion band as a bugler and we were (...Read full memory)

I have so many happy memories Of Nottingham. My parents would take me to visit an aunt & uncle there in the early 50s.  My aunt lived in Ratcliffe, my uncle had the Ratcliffe Golf Club and they lived on the premises. I was very friendly with their neighbours, and the one thing that really stuck in my mind (...Read full memory)

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