Old Maps of Offwell

Historic Maps of Offwell and the local area.

Memories of Offwell

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My direct line ancestors were farmers in Southleigh, Devon and farmed at various farms including Morganhayes, Wadden, Tottiskey. Where I have found them on the census returns. My maiden name was Hawkins. My great grandparents are buried in the cemetery in between Southleigh and Colyton. They were non comformists and (...Read full memory)

I think 1960 was the year my mother (Joyce Baxfield) was appointed headmistress at Offwell School.  She had been head teacher at Cotleigh before this.  I grew up riding my pony all around the area and have many fond memories, including taking a day off school to attend the hunt when it met right here in the picture!!  It was a (...Read full memory)