Old Maps of Parkgate

Historic Maps of Parkgate and the local area.

I was so pleased to see this photo in a Francis Frith book. The two ladies in the foreground are my Grandma and my Mother. Grandma was Mrs. Archie Turner (1892-1974) who lived in Whitford Road, Birkenhead. My Mother, Mrs. Clifford Bolt (1916-2003) lived in Arthur Street, Birkenhead. I think this photo could have been taken in the 1950s. Memory from Margaret Halpin (nee Bolt.)

I grew up in Parkgate. Now reside in California where I have lived since 1981. I believe the grocery store which is now an art gallery was Howes and Mr Chow's was Prossors store. Remember buying sweets from 'Mr Dooley'. Anyone remember him?